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The American Society for Yad Vashem needs your help to give a voice to those who can no longer speak for themselves. Together, we are broadening Holocaust remembrance for future generations through:

Commemorating the six million Jews that were victims of the Holocaust

Yad Vashem’s mission is to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and educate about the importance of preventing genocide. One way Yad Vashem fulfills this mission is by establishing permanent projects within the museum, such as the Hall of Names and the Museum of Holocaust Art, as well as online exhibitions that make dynamic content available around the world. Your support is ensuring that the memory of those who were lost is preserved.

Listen to Sara Weinstein recount the story of her survival. Stories like Sara’s highlight just how important it is to remember the events of the Shoah, by researching and documenting the lives of those murdered, to preserve them for future generations. 

Documenting the events of the Holocaust for historical purposes

One way that ASYV advances the mission of Holocaust education and remembrance is through hosting social and educational events in New York, California, Florida, and around the United States. These events provide a forum for discussing the Holocaust and its implications for contemporary society. They also allow people to learn about the history of the Holocaust and the stories of its victims. ASYV’s events are an important part of preserving the memory of the Holocaust and ensuring that its atrocities are never forgotten.

Explore some of the many resources that ASYV helps make available to people worldwide through Yad Vashem’s online platform.


“After the seminar about the Holocaust, I realized that human suffering in the past can be a perfect bridge for a better understanding in the present. Thank you for that.”

Vlatko Stojkovski, Participant in the International School of Holocaust Studies

Researching the Holocaust and distributing publications on its constantly emerging story

One of Yad Vashem’s main goals is to provide educators with the tools they need to teach the lessons of the Holocaust in the 21st century. This includes seminars, conferences and professional development workshops that give educators a better understanding of how to teach these difficult lessons. By helping to fund these resources, you are ensuring that the Holocaust will be remembered and understood by future generations.

Hear from teachers across the globe who have visited Yad Vashem’s International School for Holocaust Studies. This is the only institution in the world which trains educators from six continents to teach the Holocaust, providing expertise, skills and resources to keep the topic relevant in today’s classrooms.

Educating future generations about the Holocaust history and its enduring relevance

The Young Leadership Associates is a group of motivated and dedicated young adults who have undertaken the task of developing programs to promote Holocaust education and awareness among their peers. The group is committed to building an active community within the third generation, and helping to ensure that the lessons of the Holocaust are never forgotten. Through its work, ASYV is able to reach a new generation of young people, and help them understand the importance of preserving the memory of the Holocaust.

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