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“My mother lay on top of me to protect me. She was killed and saved my life.”

Sara Weinstein recounts the story of her survival, including how the friend hiding her family was murdered along with his wife and Sara’s mother, who had protected Sara with her body.

Stories like Sara’s highlight just how important it is to remember the events of the Shoah, by researching and documenting the lives of those murdered, to preserve for future generations. As the number of survivors dwindle, this mission is becoming more important than ever.

The American Society for Yad Vashem needs your help to give a voice to those who can no longer speak for themselves. Together, we are broadening Holocaust remembrance for future generations by:


  • Establishing both permanent projects within Yad Vashem as well as online exhibitions making dynamic content available around the world.
  • Advancing the mission of Holocaust education and remembrance by hosting social and educational events in New York, California, Florida, and around the United States.
  • Providing educators with a better understanding of how to teach the lessons of the Holocaust in the 21st century through seminars, conferences and professional development workshops.
  • Building an active community within the third generation through the Young Leadership Associates, that has undertaken the task of developing programs to promote Holocaust education and awareness among their peers. 

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